Supercharging airline digital channels: Accenture Amadeus Digital Experience

For travellers booking flights online, an airline’s website is often the first touchpoint a traveller will have with an airline, so first impressions matter. Last year, Amadeus and Accenture joined forces in a long term alliance and started to work together with airlines to optimise their customer experience. By combining our experience in powering many of the world’s leading airline websites and Accenture’s analytics leadership in retail industries, we can identify opportunities that have the potential to supercharge an airline’s direct channels.

The Accenture Amadeus Digital Experience offering provides airlines with new approaches to transform their businesses and to optimise their end-to-end customer experience, based on innovative technology, advanced data analysis, and the know-how of an experienced consulting team.

There are many questions that airlines need to answer in order to compete in the online world. How can airlines ensure they will acquire traffic in such a competitive landscape? What actions should they take to build the best acquisition strategy? What is the best way for airlines to spend their digital marketing budget in an environment of ad blocking? How can they break through the clutter and provide value so that the consumer develops a preference for one brand over another? What is then needed to convert this traffic?

The Accenture Amadeus Alliance allows us to take a new approach to address these issues, by deploying a new layered framework to overcome current technological limitations.

Jointly, we carry out a deep assessment across all channels in terms of ROIs and web conversions. Our joint set of services is focused on customer acquisition as well as engagement and retention in order to become the partner that helps airlines implement and power their digital transformation.

In a nutshell, here are some of the areas where we are partnering with airlines:

  • Simplify the booking experience: travellers should be able to pick up their booking across different devices and channels, without having to start again
  • Personalise and anticipate customer needs and offer relevant products at exactly the right time
  • Filter out the noise and get actionable insights from the data
  • Reduce the costs of customer acquisition and find a balance from a pure online digital standpoint
  • It’s all about conversion and providing the right user experience to improve brand perception

For more information, download our brochure detailing the Accenture Amadeus Digital Experience.

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